Leah Reise


The Beauty in Darkness

On the night of her twenty-ninth birthday, Edrea is brutally murdered. She awakens in her San Francisco studio as a bloodthirsty vampire with no memory of her death. Terrified of hurting innocent people, she nearly puts an end to her new existence; that is before she realizes there might be people the world can do without.

Now immortal, Edrea finds she’s caught in the middle of a war between two ancient vampire clans, the Décret and the Shevet, and she has no idea who to trust. Then the frightful memory of her death returns, and she will ultimately have to choose between her humanity and cold-hearted murder. Her struggles only get harder when she must also leave her past life behind her in order to protect her family.

Little does she know, her estranged, mortal sister Rena is on a dangerous quest in search of Edrea, whom is believed is merely “missing.” While Rena struggles with insecurity and guilt, her obsession with finding Edrea comes between her and her own future, and especially the man she loves. Rena just can’t let go of the feeling that Edrea is alive somewhere, and she isn’t about to give up.

As they follow their individual roads through life and the un-death, Edrea and Rena learn not only that their sisterly bond is stronger than they thought, but also that their family shares a dark secret that connects both of them to a mysterious quantum world.

Amidst the chaos and adventure, the story will intrigue you with a scientific and philosophical theme that will keep you wondering until the end … and maybe even after that.
A different kind of vampire story
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